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The Country Club Market:
Who They Are. What They Do.

  • They Entertain and Socialize
    6+ Times Annually Entertain groups of 10 or more
    3+ Times a Week Frequent local restaurants
    2+ Times Annually Host theme parties (birthdays, holidays, special occasions)

  • They Showcase Interior Living Space
    87% Purchase accessories, furnishings, floor, wall, & window coverings
    84% Install landscapes, aquariums, home theaters, games rooms
    83% Redecorate / Remodel

  • They Create Outdoor Living Environments
    Utilize Landscape Services
    Update & Install Landscapes (i.e. patios, decks, walkways, retaining, driveways, walls)
    Improve exterior liveability (with pools, spas, sunrooms, porches, gazebos, awnings,
    fencing, entry gates, additions, etc.)

  • They Relax and Enjoy
    3+ Times a Month Engage in Golf, Tennis Biking
    1+ Times a Month Take part in Water Sports, Boating, Jet Skiing, Fishing
    2+ Times a Month Exercise, Weight Loss
    1+ Times a Month Day Spas, Hair & Nail Salons, Specialized Skincare Regimens,

  • They Let Professionals Do It
    92% Employ the services of Real Estate Firms, Mortgage Brokers, 91% Utilize Financial Planning, Stock Brokers, and CPA / Tax Services

  • Demographics
    Age: Male 52 Years Old Female 47 Years Old
    Household Size: 4.7 Members
    Annual Income: $206,000.00
    Net Worth: $1.1 Million
    Home Market Value: $821.000.00
    Occupation: 27% Have their own business, 
    68% Senior / Top Level Management